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Whether you want to increase awareness of your brand, generate leads, or meet empowering people of the diaspora, we can help you create a worthwhile experience that is geared to your needs. The Cyprus Diaspora Forum will bring together the largest gathering of prominent Cypriots, Cypriot-led organisations, and individuals seeking to strengthen relations through business, innovation, philanthropy, cultural, and social activities. In addition to uniting Cypriots from all over the world as a large global family, this event will also serve to attract and facilitate foreign direct investment into Cyprus.

Join our initiative to promote Cypriot relations.

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Brand Visibility

The Cyprus Diaspora Forum will be promoted across the entire island of Cyprus with more than 80,000+ offline impressions for your brand and visibility, as well as online through multiple social media sites aimed at a broad demographic, including Cypriots, Cypriot-led organisations, and foreigners who seek to foster stronger relations with Cyprus and its diasporic communities. Included are featured advertisements, radio and television marketing, press and social media mentions before, during, and after the event, as well as high visibility at our branded spaces and VIP events.



The Cyprus Diaspora Forum is a four-day physical and virtual event that will bring together Cypriot diaspora communities, prominent figures from Cyprus' public and private sectors, media, academia, and civic society with the goal of recognising and promoting the importance of Cyprus' diaspora while strengthening relations through entrepreneurship, innovation, philanthropy, cultural and social engagement.

The event serves as the ideal forum for mutually beneficial interaction, including the sharing of ideas and information between people who are connected by similar professions, industries, interests, and an emotional connection to Cyprus, while also working together to enhance business-related and cultural ties.

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Your business will stand out as a supporter of the Cypriot Diaspora and a promoter of connecting Cypriots abroad and strengthening ties through innovation, entrepreneurship, philanthropy, cultural, and social engagement.

By partnering with the Cyprus Diaspora Forum, you are recognising the value of Cyprus' diaspora communities and their role as brand ambassadors for the island. For several decades, these role models have made significant contributions to Cyprus' economic and cultural life while also enhancing the societies in which they live and work.


Online Exhibition

The Cyprus Diaspora Forum is proud to extend an invitation to businesses, organisations, communities, and individuals to take part in our virtual showcase. The online exhibition will bring together high-level Cypriot-led organisations, foreign businesses, and industry experts from all over the world from a variety of growth sectors, including hospitality and tourism, health and wellness, media, education, culture and arts, film, sports, politics, real estate, finance, law, startups and innovation, entrepreneurship, social and philanthropic causes. 

Explore the multiple booths, meet hundreds of exhibitors, and attend the key panel discussions while relaxing at your home or workplace. You can also use the platform to set up a one-on-one meeting with businesses, organisations, and individuals. This is B2B at its best.

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Business Relations

Partnering additionally provides your business the opportunity to network and interact with other individuals and organisations, including those in attendance at the event and the other businesses and communities that will be represented at the online exhibition centre. Through the Cyprus Diaspora Forum's marketing outreach as well as the 16 key panel discussions and VIP networking events, you will reach thousands of local and international participants.


VIP Events

The Cyprus Diaspora Forum will host two significant VIP events: the opening ceremony breakfast celebration on the first day and a formal gala dinner on the forum's final evening, which will also serve as the setting for the first-ever CYDIA Awards 2024 ceremony, which will honour Cypriots of the diaspora in a variety of categories. In a relaxed atmosphere far from the business environment, these important events will have a vibrant entertainment schedule and also help to further enhance the relationships between the local community and the diaspora. 

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